All you need to know about the gold trade

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 All you need to know about the gold trade
 All you need to know about the gold trade

All you need to know about the gold trade

To work gold trade is beset with many secrets Say what you find in a published book or Post
What do you think Tstqtawa easy part of your time to know a little bit about this profession …. Vtjuadwa me this personal experience and Bmraratha Hloha and her secret

It is a personal experience but trust that you will be after the most skilled of any dealer which will not fool any gold trader Whether you Baie or a buyer of gold, but will be more certain after conducting any operation related to this precious metal “Jen harem and negative Aradathen” an accurate professional experience and all the details and I meant of detail to be full of knowledge so as not to fall into the trap and tricks vulnerable souls of employees.
God willing, I lost my services after the electricity company ended as a translator to look for the source of income is equivalent to what I make of you a practical translation (Saudi Arabia) was not available at the time the field to meet that demand, but to work as a supervisor at the jewelry store was …. I put my trust in God and I decided to engage in this area … gold and jewelery trade.

And Sakhzkm step by step until you become traders of gold (knowingly and knowledge) or at least Telmoa passed a note with him before I alert you that I left that area for religious reasons are purely the seriousness of the trade in this class in terms of legitimacy only to those who Allah bless him and save it …. and I went back to work the translation – Halal – and enough ……

First License:
You must choose a shop soon be security control then you shop processing work iron belt to the walls of the shop building is Knglev the walls from the inside panels metal thickness 4 Mlm..ovi other shop is in the form of iron fund … is then shop packaging of the wooden interior decor and the rest of the decorations that you see from the inside and you shop ….. must be the doors of the heavy iron and electric locks and numbers secret … then supplement the security hand must install an alarm bell, and provide the shop fire extinguishers and buckets of red sand – then you bring an electronic balance Certified body balances … and be calibrated this balance each year the Authority to ensure continued accuracy …. then bring the certificate of quality management, and a license to practice the profession of the Ministry of Commerce and you subscribe to the Chamber of Commerce for the adoption of seals and invoices and official papers and license from the municipality and a certificate of civil defense and a certificate from the police guard at the shop include security surveillance and Zakat and license income.
After all these stages have got equipped capital and went to buy gold.

I bought a quantity of Algoaúh amount of seals and amount of contracts and packages and the amount of bracelets, pendants and Alhleghan and jewelry boxes and equipment supply and we’ll come to mention it all in detail.

24 carat gold ….. a 24 carat 24 Carat Gold (and is intended to pure gold … and it is called the ingot name):
Since gold can not take advantage of it by himself alone, but if in the form of Spakh- and alloy (Alloy) usually is the output of the mixing metal with another metal …. Valsbakh that we see gold is not pure, it went up only 99% and the remaining one per cent be a another metal such as silver or mercury, copper or iron.

21 carat (21 Carat Gold):
Is an alloy of gold have Kilo containing 850 grams of gold net and the rest (150 grams) of mercury (as in Saudi Arabia) or silver or copper (as in Egyptian gold) or iron (first Sudanese gold) Therefore, we find that there is a seal stamp this number (850) of any piece of gold belonging to this caliber and this seal means that this gold is the caliber (21) In all cases, when our purchase “traders” old gold from the client, we only care about these 850 net grams of gold per kilogram, what else The Ascrap … usually pay at the old Saudi our purchase of gold more than we pay at our purchase old gold Egyptian or Sudanese user …. with the proportion of gold in all of them equal (850 grams of gold in each and every one kilo), but because the process of sorting the gold from the metal Saudi gold easier (As we have said that the alloy composition is of gold with another metal), we only stand to benefit from the solid portion (850 grams / kilogram) Venani separated from the process of metal alloy ..olon screening devices available here only suit the user of the metal in ingot by Saudi standards …. so he will separate the copper or iron harder or nearly impossible ….. so is declining price of gold Sudanese old may not buy one here and only the difficulty of separating the metal (iron) used in the manufacture of 21-carat gold alloy ingot. ….. usually tend gold ingot iron mixture over the darkening after wearing it …

But how do you know that these are busy or ornament (21-gauge), you should check to see what number the HPA written (850 or sometimes find written 21) inside the ornament worn …. They are even written in the neonatal small ring (in the ring stick from the inside) Since this moment, you can now find out whether this is a gold or silver painted gold through writing ….. silver is to be written from the inside (925) and followed a system that every owner of a workshop based print his name on Mchgullach you can see that name stamped and verified using optical magnifier which such glasses Watchmaker … If you can not find out the truth (gold or not gold) resorting to acid (sulfuric acid H2SO4 and Baldargi Moya Fire) Had metal busy is gone, the color will turn black after a few moments of exposure Article questionable to DNA fiery ….. while getting brighter and brighter if it is gold … or you can resort to exposing them to the fire …. Valenar manifestation of gold and other metals prevail …. In the case of nothingness used ringing … It is the voice of gold ..valzhb when projected on a solid body ring Kasalal happen while other metals occur in which a voice Takhtkhh … and after practice or repetition you can see the gold of touch, weight and shape.

18 carat
This type of gold is usually famous for Italy, one of the most difficult and artifacts as the amount of gold in it a few, you find that all the beautiful jewelry is attractive 18-gauge where facilitates the formation … Valsbakh here more cohesive, leading to the stability of the trimmings and customized without lead to break …. For this reason (stability) Itvennon in formations …. and customers always this kind of gold they Grooms (because they are behind Jarien profit but after what answer Helmy Online denied on 18 carat gold entering their homes). And 18 carat gold usually be sealed only number 750 (and sometimes find the word caliber 18) and always exploit used templates in the jewelery industry of this caliber (after the end of its use and the expiration of the period Modelh) used in making accessories (tradition) Faqalb gold here is not thrown in the trash It sold for the manufacture of accessories … In this caliber, we find that a very small area of ​​wastage of gold …. There is another feature of this caliber is that it accepts the installation Alfoariz (zircon) and Alsultar but be aware you when you sell it using much to lose (lose when cracking Avlfoariz and lose the lack of gold in the proportion of this caliber) where they will be cracking those Alfoariz calculated that the net kilo 750 grams and not 850 per kilo as in 21-carat gold.

Other bullets:
There was also told us in the past 16-gauge and 14-gauge and this has ended his reign

22 carat:
This caliber used by the Indians and the citizens of East Asia and the proportion of gold is 875 grams per kilometer and today there are a lot of 22-gauge strings are often industry English.
Most industrial skilled studied in Italy and to this day is considered Italy’s most popular countries in the mold industry for jewelry making machines drafting Most jewelers famous (Goldsmith & Designers) who studied in Italy, including Sudanese Joseph Nasrallah jeweler who was said to be making sword of King Abdul Aziz, God bless his soul … and was told he was making a lot of artifacts and royal gifts …. Baataliba special technical aspect semester system for the manufacture of jewelry and gold lathes and templates.

East woman famous for buying Algoaúh (Bangles) Wristband (Bracelets) Unlike Western woman who only care about chained (Chains) and necklaces (Necklaces) and sometimes they call it Cbria name …. and Seals (Rings) and throat (Earrings) and Gulf call her “Alkhmakhm” Gulf women also renowned using Goals (Wedding rings or Finger rings) which is a bobble rings less thickness of Aldblh and women wear them 6 beads in finger right ring finger and 6 in the left Fortunately, the Sudanese women do not use these goals where only just Bdblh one .. … and very attentive Gulf women zipper should not be color Alfarozh (lobe) red …… and love as well as Indian and Pakistani women …. differ Indian women being used for the largest amount of rings ….. you are a trader rejoice too much when Indian women enter the shop are Stalps 16 ring on the fingers and in the fingers of the man as well as the partridge as still using them …. The Philippine shall love the runoff (bulk) bracelets and not parked (Alsoarat Standing Bracelets) very interested by a live 18 to quality Musneith and his squad .. ..fahi usually do not resort to selling their holdings of gold … so concerned with the aesthetic aspect … more like a soft ring slave Aldblatt soft strings and where the sale is forbidden, they circumvent the cross and ask for the games in which the forms of aircraft to be …. where plane that resembles a cross … One of the greatest gifts they have is a gift Cross of Gold …. The men’s ring made of gold Fmmnua but more applicants are brothers of Egyptian Copts and one of them is ready to pay what you want it to be the weight of the ring at least 10 gram (Goichh) and weight Htak some Muslims JH ask this kind of rings.

When Western women enter the gold shop usually carries with it something precious stones, precious ….. … Garnet or Emerald … by having gold packaging … always tend to Kavaruzh green color adorn the ring or bracelet … and many of them seeking gold decorated with rubies or pearls …. but when you sell a pearl, you lose a lot …. where you lose more than 3/4 the original price … and pearl ornaments are usually sold out by Bill Pearl specific weight and the weight of gold …. You can buy handicrafts and pearls without the bill if you are risk averse … but to ensure that you buy gold even bill for fear of no man’s land.

Gulf women, or most of them wearing 12 Goichh in right and 12 Goichh in left and consists trousseau of Algoaúh 24 tablets and seals 6 and kit 1 or 2 weight of 80 to 100 grams and cloak 1 and weighed up to 500 grams and belt and Alkravch and important and the crown and desist and brooch and time in addition to the kit (usually Accessories have silvery color) in the range of SR 2000 and Alhleghan ….. and of course we expect to attend this bride herself next year to renew those Algoaúh New Bmodel In each gram Old earn a win in the new (gold dealer saw climber descending and eat).

Sudanese women like gold rings busy on private and Algoecat Abyssinian way (because Ethiopia was an Italian colony) understand renowned Ksaag and fluent in Italian language on the way …. Valmusnoat Abyssinian be of high value workmanship … and finally resorted Sudanese women to goldsmiths Gulf of Bahrain and UAE’s. … Most of the templates were brought into the Kingdom will hear (Bahraini Saudi or Saudi Gulf) has met that transition very popular …. and there beats (carvings) special called Hijazi accuracy (word accuracy mean by Embossing) which is more expensive than the beats Riyadh .. . It is the finest and sweetest gold is the Turkish handicrafts are heavy weight and good refinement and tend to yellow oblique to the Bronze color they remain fixed in appearance that I bought it for the duration of use has always preferred to be Alhleghan of artifacts on the Turkish way they are coherent and heavy weight and tend to buy them students Schools (heavy in weight and small in size).

And varying weights Algoaúh for women from 5 grams to 15 grams of Goichh per ordinary Vanakecat average Algoichh weight is 9 grams The average Algoichh occupied more than 12 grams weight ….. vary those weights by hand size Vmqas hands of the child from 8 to 9 and size women starts from 13 to size 21 or 22, but sometimes measured mostly in the hands of Sudanese women is 19 and from them in favor of larger sizes ….. The throat weights ranged between 2 grams to 9 grams of gold and if Turkey Fozn throat up to 15 grams ….. The weights chains it is 8 grams to 100 grams …. Venktefi these estimates in this aspect where is intended to give a general idea and you can ….. For further information, write to the major jewelry stores in the world where magazines and publications are available, as well as renewable there many books in this area ..khash design templates carvings gold ….. This is a call to our brothers the Faculty of Fine Arts to pay attention to inscriptions on the jewelry, we now know that the bulk of their attention is focused on the patterns and trimmings in the field of textile and book covers, magazines …. If only our ministry competent industry interested in developing this aspect …. fully imported from abroad thought and inscriptions and marketed ….

The Sudanese women also characterized purchased (Save the owner) like a Sudanese invention … used by the Sudanese alone and admired by many communities .. also used the dollar …. and mothers older people always ask ring George (drive a pound) and some lightsaber him and proceeded to the opinion (because of the image it) and finally replaced Riyals where there is no picture of him, but there it all in writing. Sudanese women tend to buy Algoecat broad-free openings for fear of dust or sediment entering especially if the type who runs the kitchen …. and also tend to buy Daramat often buy rings petition as well, such as a large multi-wings Alfarozh Albobar ring .. .omazm labels come from the Sudanese community …. It has become commonplace that is calling the manufacturer and ask you to name of his goods from the new Qalbh.

Sudanese, Egyptian and women love to be Goecatha large in size so you can remove them when you engage in the house and wear them when necessary ….. can Tzlifaa … Fortunately what Fish rent …. versa of Saudi women as buy narrow Algoichh where with the help of party wear Last after Ttgerh her hand so you do not have to remove them …. When our purchase of Goecatha we cut Algoecat big metal scissors and that you need to deal with them on price and mastering the dialogue that follows it … before mowing …. The consequent your gain or loss.
And women especially Saudi elderly Ihbzn a certain kind of Algoecat called accuracy Abdul Ghani, a severe yolk heavy weight .. We always tend to buy them is precisely to ease Mforeigtha the Dozen which equals 4 Dstadt of the normal type and Abdul Ghani this dealer a large gold in Saudi Arabia (Abdul Ghani Mirza ) Sons still maintain these artifacts after his death.

Sisters Syrian and Ahamyat mostly Ihbzn buy packages made of chain-Halabi smooth and pendant bracelet and ring are all on the smooth finish Halabi model and throat (concatenate a petition beads intertwined with each other without having lugs) and this has also become desirable, the Sudanese also favor Alsoarh commentator their games (key, frog Dallah, Venjal, aircraft, drum etc …) and the Syrian do not tend to buy Algoecat.
Some people of other nationalities are buying gold for investment so resort to buying bullion shops or banks 8 grams 0.25 grams 0.50 grams 0.100 grams and priced nearly declared an ounce price globally with the addition of workmanship only little profit margin and when you sell We shops provided that we buy be open from Talpasthe (the bag) and ingot traded risk …. where it’s not for lack of strong metal Tonic II ratio in the alloy so may be subject to breakage and loss in weight so it must maintain Kisha purchased it.

More meticulous customer defects in gold are Egyptians …. always discover bugs and disrepair of them understand Dqicon when buying. (This is straight ,,,, this more roughness of her sister ….. This lack Varozh …… etc.)

Determine the price of a gram When you hear the price of the global economic newsletter:
Before you go to the jewelers to buy or sell listened to the Economic Bulletin for example, you will hear that an ounce to $ 800 … I mean, the price of 30 grams pure 24 carat is $ 800 (because the ounce is equal to approximately 30 grams) Venhsp how much the price of a kilo gram in 1000 and Ashan Najib price per kilo caliber 21 we will see the price of 850 grams km (where we will use only 850 gold per kilo) and then turn the output to the riyal price of the dollar and add 2 riyals per gram if what Snstraeh Goaúh addition to SR 2 in profit for the shop (and, for each gram) if you buy a ring add 4 Real workmanship in addition to the 2 Real profit for the shop, even shipsets add 6 Real +2 Real-profit shop or even a Bahraini Gulf add 8 Real workmanship Nlamt though we always add 2 riyals per gram in profit for the shop) … If you want to buy gold Bmusenaih Ethiopian add 13 Real workmanship (Goichh or ring or AMD) even if the Turkish industry adds 8 Real do not forget to account for the development of cubic zirconia, a type of stained glass decorations Stvkdh when selling gold Krgia (called break broken Seine) …. or if you do not like this way or failed to follow up the price of gold globally, you can go straight to the shops to buy and sell gold and ask for the price (gram breakage), an old gold … and put in your brain that you must add to that the price given Workmanship prices that we have mentioned above …. But I very best when the bullish gold for my family to use the best to buy Goaúh … for you when you sell only lose 2 Real Workmanship and SR 1 in profit to the buyer …. and as an entrepreneur best place to Buy constantly and best selling … and this depends on the amount of liquidity available you have.

To make sure of the quality of gold you have purchased and its conformity with the specifications against which bought gold you can refer to the Sheikh of the market and it will get the necessary reassurance on what I bought … Since most of the clients or customers are women, it is available in the market so-called female police they favors with vendors and is first at them asylum in violation cases where most customers veiled … and help men manna she and remain supportive and supportive in providing and continuity of peace and tranquility in the market for the dealer and for the customer …. Not everyone who enters the shop for jewelry buyer or seller Often Knowing sneak thieves faces very important …. In the gold trade is famous phenomenon Aldlagliat If you are a merchant lucky and obtained the 3 Dlagliat only you do not need to shop customer.

Gold dealer if bought gas cylinder and several welding shop can do without the sale of gold then has a career art available welding … and the most important thing which is “Altjeem” and intended to welding the holes in the lugs chains and packages to complete the loop circle …. and the process of narrowing and the expansion of the Rings and Algoaúh and networking interrupted and disintegrated from decades …. but sometimes not allowed Baltlhim in the shop …. and sometimes not be able to follow them as a result of congestion …. you are a buyer be sure to buy a smooth finish or a glossary kit … and you are a trader or Kmham you in each loop is Tjeemha earn 7 Real Flo Agamt shipsets or Bashta 100 buttonhole get 700 riyals during the day while you are losing one gram gold in Allhim..oma welding is well known, a certain alloy Tchertaha alone with material installation and little Moya fire. ..fiear 21 has a special welding differs from gold alloy used for welding 18 gauge and only differed color … and you can also do the task of coating accessories … where you earn 5 gram of paint and coating Real watches, glasses and teeth …. Some customers buy gold in favor of the user (We buy old gold and assembled in order to sell the new buy) In this case, we boiled the gold with water and the soap Tide for 30 minutes forfeit all dirt and back gold as if it were new, or leave it in the soap Tide in plain water for 24 hours …. and some customers resort when intending to sell gold to Tattiynh in oil to accumulate dust it will increase weight 0 type of fraud …. but this plot does not fools merchant prudent) … and you estimate the weight of that dirt and put them in mind … Vnljo to washing and boiling to know the accuracy Estimation of those dirt …. Yes comes clients of this kind …. The gold user clients are asking … no harm in the use of gold after washing and this is a legitimate ..vachara cares weight and not Balmusenaih …. and gold user always be cheaper

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