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Diamond is an allotrope of carbon with a cubic crystalline structure and take the form of the double so construction cube with eight aspects, especially the twelve-face, and mutations occur in its composition sometimes seems a spherical shape, but the external factors that help to profile. Consists of a carbon element (only) under pressure and temperature Graham Walter and conditions unknown in the depths of the earth, and despite the fact that carbon is the main component of the graphite and coal but each properties different from the other significantly, this difference is caused by the atomic structure, but because of Alchristalah Network Diamond transparent network gloomy graphite lead where the difference in network installation to the vast difference in characteristics.


It is noteworthy that the similarity in chemical composition between the diamond and graphite (coal) is what is called for international companies to experience converting carbon to diamond within the chemical processes physical complex and expensive occur at temperatures high and Dat and for long periods of time to convert carbon to form Alchristala (diamonds) and there More than a dozen types of industrial diamonds. The oldest of the existing diamond formation age of the Earth and the latest diamond Fmrha about 5 million years ago. Carbon is one of the most well-known material benefit from the more than 3,000 finder today. Diamond has been known since ancient times as a commercially valuable stones.


The increased popularity of diamonds in the nineteenth century with the increasing global production and improvement of trade routes across the world and the entry of scientific methods in cutting, polishing and global monopoly of that item by some companies. And Diamond many physical qualities, but the best known hardness and He alone among all the material on the degree of hardness 10 10 ladder scores (MOS) of the World stones (Osalbha 10 – and most vulnerable 1) Sapphire second is after diamonds number 9 Alehmaalzimrd. For the system especially distracting Alduulkn crystalline diamond is the high light. For this reason, the diamond stone is of significant value in the jewelry industry as well as other industrial uses, such as the use of diamonds on top of deep wells such as water, oil and natural gas pipelines in addition to its uses in electronics, medical devices, industrial equipment and cut glass and others.


Physical characteristics of the four in the diamond

As I mentioned above that the characteristics and qualities of diamonds distinctive are the utmost importance and it is estimated the price and value of the aesthetic and diamond qualities and characteristics identified by designees four properties depend on them in the classifications of laboratory and commercial, but those properties are only for the purposes of classification no more and called quality metaphorically Valtssal taxonomic anisotropic diamonds from the Institute to another and from one company to another, and these standards are: Carat, Clarity (purity), color, and cut.


These standards are used for natural diamonds and industrial alike, but does not apply to [gems] and to the different nature of the configuration attributes and commercial advantages, are produced artificial diamond quantities convergence of four times the amount extracted naturally in order to satisfy the growing demand for natural diamonds and undersupply and prices astronomical and’re going for industrial diamonds no really.


The United States first chromatography system for diamonds, which are classified as historic as the largest partner to market diamonds in the world season, was beginning in the 1930s when he put the first classification of their own Looney Valolmas discovered by Category chromatography was described as a diamond of the Old Testament or old mines for non-inclusion in institutes Category Alomrakih.vkd records, the United States and after the companies and institutes of the world make a special classification is based on the names of areas or mines that mined stone like diamond colorless symbolizes his diamond Old Testament issued ownership certificates accompany natural diamonds, especially rare ones Wi-stone diamond exceeds talents three-quarters of Carat and sometimes less than that and be such certificates issued by the institutes and university faculties geological or companies has licensed laboratories to those goals and experts with internationally recognized certificates are called expert recipe (seeded) and either recipe expert releasing a workbook that his experience in the classification of rough diamonds and diamond polished on both, and these institutes is the most famous GIA  American Geological Institute of the European Geological Institute HRD , International Geological Institute IGI , There are institutes in Germany, France, China, India, Japan and the United Arab Emirates and South Africa, there are also Federation of these institutes determines the taxonomic standards and united between these institutes will be exposed to those institutes and certificates later.

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